V.A./ Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The Bayou - Vocal Groups

【レーベル型番 / ACE CDCHD1448】
1.Feelin' Right Saturday Night/The Velvetiers
2.Tender And Tall/Unknown Group
3.I Cried/Sonny Martin
4.I Need Your Lovin/Charley Morris
5.Help Me/Del-Chords
6.Cry Weeping Willow/Henry Clement
7.Give Me Your Love/Sticks Herman
8.Calimo/unknown group
9.Plea Of Love/The Gay Notes
10.Tall Skinny Mama/Henry Clement
11.Lookin' And Searchin'/Sonny Martin
12.Waiting In The Chapel/The Gay Notes
13.What Have I Done Wrong/Little Henry
14.Oh Baby/The Velvetiers
15.Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me/The Raves
16.The Natural Thing To Do/Sticks Herman
17.Brother Brown/Tabby Thomas
18.Jenny Jenny Jenny/Little Henry
19.Married Too Soon/The Gay Notes
20.Oh Baby/unknown group
21.I'm So Lonely/The Hi Fi's
22.Some Other Time/Sonny Martin
23.The Snake/The Gaynotes
24.My Dear/The Hi Fi's
25.Please Please Darling/Henry Clement
26.Sea Of Love/Katie Webster
27.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/Cookie&The Cupcakes
28.Billy The Kid/The Raves
型番 ACE CDCHD 1448
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