V.A./ Unlock The Lock The Kent Records Story Volume 1 1958-1962(2CD)

【レーベル型番 / ACE CDTOP21449】
1.Why Do Things Happen To Me/B.B.King
2.All Of Me/Danny Boy
3.Hey Little Mama/The Barker Brothers(Monty and Fredy)
4.(Baby Baby)Every Night/Etta James
5.High School Hop/Don Cole
6.On My Way Back Home/Flash Terry and His Orchestra
7.Devil Doll/Lee Denson
8.Madness/Sonny Knight
9.Basis Of The Rock And Roll(take1)/Van Robinson
10.Bye Bye Baby(take 5)/Chuck 'Tequila' Rio
11.That's My Baby/Artie Wilson
12.Dance The Thing/Floyd Dixon And His Orchestra
13.Please Accept My Love(alternate mix)/B.B.King
14.Red Hot Rockin' Blues/Jesse James
15.If It Ain't One Thing/Betty and Dupree
16.You You You/Van Robinson
17.South's Gonna Rise Again/Jesse James
18.Worry Worry(take1)/B.B.King
19.The Ballad Of Stagger Lee/The Senders
20.The Thrill Is Gone(take1)/Hadda Brooks
21.The Fool/B.B.King
22.Everybody Seems To Know/The Senders
23.(I Love You)For Sentimental Reasons/Jesse Belvin
24.Men Ole Frisco(take2)/B.B.King
1.Sweet Sixteen Parts1&2/B.B.King
2.Your Cheatin' Heart(mono single version)/Jimmy Witherspoon
3.Unlock The Lock(take2)/Jimmy Nelson
4.Good Man Gone Bad(mono single version)/B.B.King
5.Tomorrow Night(overdubbed version)/Hadda Brooks
6.You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now(take4)/B.B.King
7.Diane/Charlie Owens and The Sensational Ink Spots
8.If Love Was Money/Tony Allen and The Wonders
9.Bad Case Of Love(take1)/B.B.King
10.Texas Queen/Billy Ray
11.Dreamin'/Tony Allen
12.Doin' The Twist/Joe Houston
13.Get In The Car/Little Joe Hinton
14.Do Something Crazy(Crazy Feeling)/Etta James
15.The Whip Twist/Little Joe Hinton
16.Goodnight My Love(Pleasant Dreams)/Pat Hunt
17.Do You Wanna Twist/Teddy Reynolds
18.Playboy/Billy Ray
19.Camel Caravan/The Classicals
20.Without You/Hal Davis
21.Love You Baby/Bobby Bland with Ike Turner's Orchestra
22.The Wonder Of Love/The Newports
23.Maybe I'm Wrong/Bobby Sanders
24.Mashing The Popeye(mono single edit)/B.B.King
型番 ACE CDTOP2 1449
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