V.A./ Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The Bayou- Mad Dogs, Sweet Daddies & Pretty Babies

【レーベル型番 / ACE CDCHD1422】
1.Papa Lou And Gran-Little Victor/2.Hoo Wee,Sweet Daddy-Katie Webster/3.I'd Love To Tell-Tabby Thomas/4.Pretty Woman-Lester Robertson/5.Long Way From Home-Guitar Gable/6.I Called You Up Daddy-Anna Mae Rogers/7.I Got Fever-Mad Dog Sheffield/8.Knock Knock-Carol Fran/9.Sally Lou-Leroy Washington/10.Rooty Tooty-Lionel Torrance/11.A Merry Christmas-Sad Leroy White/12.You Know Yeah-Wonderboy Travis/13.Tell Me Pretty Baby-Lazy Lester/14.Hey Ma Ma-Clifton Chenier/15.Ain't Nothing Shakin'(But Leaves On The Tree)-Eddie Williams/16.Mad Dog-Mad Dog Sheffield/17.Mary Lou-King Karl&Guitar Gable/18.Hoo Wee Pretty Baby-Lester Robertson/19.One More Chance-Carol Fran/20.Don't You Let Me Down-Frank Simien/21.Hello Baby,What You Know-Leroy Washington/22.I Want You To Love Me-Katie Webster&Ashton Conroy/23.Hey Mr Love-Katie Webster&Bobby Jay/24.I Need Your Love-Jimmy Dotson/25.When It Rains It Really Pours-Charles Morris/26.Baby Please Come Home-Leroy Washington/27.I'll Never Hold It Against You-Clarence Garlow/28.Take It Home To Grandma-Lester Robertson&The Upsetters
型番 ACE CDCHD 1422
販売価格 2,214円(税込)