FATS DOMINO/ This Is Fats + Rock and Rollin' with...(CD)

【レーベル型番 / HOODOO 263398】
新品輸入盤CDです。ファッツ・ドミノ、1957年作アルバム『This Is Fats』と56年作アルバム『Rock and Rollin' with Fats Domino』の2 in 1に加え、8曲をボーナス・トラックとして追加した全32曲収録の豪華お買い得タイトル!
This Is Fats(1957)
1.The Rooster Song
2.My Happiness
3.As Times Goes By
4.Hey La Bas
5.Love Me
6.Don't You Hear Me Calling You
7.It's You I Love
8.Valley Of Tears
9.Where Did You Stay
10.Baby Please
11.Thinking Of You
12.You Know I Miss You
Rock and Rollin' with Fats Domino(1956)
13.The Fat Man
14.Tired Of Crying
15.Goin' Home
16.You Said You Love Me
17.Going To The River
18.Please Don't Leave Me
19.Rose Mary
20.All By Myself
21.Ain't It A Shame
22.Poor Me
23.Bo Weevil
24.Don't Blame It On Me
Bonus Tracks
25.She's My Baby
26.I'm Ready
27.Blueberry Hill
28.My Girl Josephine
29.Hey! Fat Man
30.Little Mary
31.I'm Walkin'
32.Whole Lotta Loving
型番 HOODOO 263398
販売価格 1,800円(税込)