【レーベル型番 / Wienerworld WNRCD5121】
1.Black Spider Blues/Robert Lockwood
2.I'm Gonna Train My Baby/Robert Lockwood
3.County Jail Blues/Big Maceo
4.Texas Blues/Big Maceo
5.Little Boy Blue/Robert Lockwood
6.Take A Little Walk With Me/Robert Lockwood
7.Tell It To The O.P.A./Ann Sorter
8.Bad Stuff/Ann Sorter
9.Do You Remember/Big Maceo
10.Big City Blues/Big Maceo
11.Miss Bessie Mae/Sunnyland Slim
12.You've Gotta Stop This Mess/Alfred Wallace(The Fat Man)
13.Keep On Sailing/Jazz Gillum
14.Fast Woman Blues/Jazz Gillum
15.Long Razor Blues/Jazz Gillum
16.Southern Dream/Sonny Boy Williamson
17.Bring Me Another Half Pint/Sonny Boy Williamson
18.P Vine Blues/Big Joe Williams
19.I'm A Highway Man/Big Joe Williams
20.I'm Gonna Train My Baby/Jazz Gillum
21.Gonna Take My Rap/Jazz Gillum
22.I Love You For Myself/Sonny Boy Williamson
23.Alcohol Blues/Sonny Boy Williamson
24.King Biscuit Stomp/Big Joe Williams
25.Don't You Leave Me Here/Big Joe Williams
26.Memory of Sonny Boy/Forest City Joe
27.A Woman On Every Street/Forest City Joe
1.Biscuit Roller/St Louis Jimmy
2.I'm Sorry Now/St Louis Jimmy
3.Sawdust Bottom/Forest City Joe(Unissued)
4.Ash Street Boogie/Forest City Joe(Unissued)
5.Boogie Man(Bogey Man)/Willie Mabon
6.It Keeps Raining/Willie Mabon
7.Dust My Broom/Robert Lockwood Jr
8.Pearly B/Robert Lockwood Jr
9.Your Evil Ways/St Louis Jimmy
10.Whiskey Drinkin' Woman/St Louis Jimmy
11.Pretty Woman/Johnny Temple(Unissued)
12.Jack and Jill/Johnny Temple(Unissued)
13.Drinkin' Woman/St Louis Jimmy
14.Why Work/St Louis Jimmy
15.Pete's Shuffle Boogie(Part1)/Matu Roy
16.Pete's Shuffle Boogie(Part2)/Matu Roy
17.Aw Aw Baby/Robert Lockwood
18.Sweet Woman From Maine/Robert Lockwood
19.Hard Work Boogie/St Louis Jimmy
20.Good Book Blues/St Louis Jimmy
21.Down Home Child/Sunnyland Slim
22.Leaving Your Town/Sunnyland Slim
23.Wait Baby/Little Johnny Jones(Unissued)
24.Hoy Hoy/Little Johnny Jones
25.TV Mama/Big Joe Turner
26.Iodine In My Coffee/Muddy Waters(Unissued)
27.Flood/Muddy Waters(Unissued)
1.If It's All Night Long/Little Brother
2.New Vicksburg Blues/Little Brother
3.She's Alright/Muddy Waters(Alt)
4.This Pain/Muddy Waters(Unissued)
5.Sad Sad Day/Muddy Waters(Unissued)
6.Smokestack Lightning/Muddy Waters(Unissued)
7.Hoy Hoy/Little Johnny Jones(Alt)
8.Chicago Blues/Little Johnny Jones(Unissued)
9.Doin' The Best I Can/Little Johnny Jones
10.Come Back Baby/Little Walter(Unissued)
11.My Kind of Baby/Little Walter(Unissued)
12.Pinetop's Boogie Blues/Little Brother
13.Arkansas Blues/Little Brother
14.Ah'w Baby/Little Walter(Alt)
15.Mouth Harp Mambo/J.B. Hutto(Unissued)
16.Things Are So Slow/J.B. Hutto(Alt)
17.Skinny Mama/Floyd Jones
18.Pet Rabbit/Baby Face Leroy
19.I Have Married/J.B. Lenoir(Unissued)
20.Ride 'Em On Down/Eddie Taylor(Unissued)
21.Stroll Out West/Eddie Taylor(Unissued)
22.Don't Hang Around/Little Hudson(Unissued)
23.Look Out/J.T. Brown(Unissued)
24.Do What I Say/J.B. Lenoir
25.I Feel So All Alone/Jody Williams(Unissued)
26.She's Fine, She's Mine/Bo Diddley
1.Maybe Blues/Morris Pejoe
2.Screaming And Crying/Morris Pejoe
3.Deep Feeling/Chuck Berry
4.How You've Changed/Chuck Berry
5.Blue Feeling/Chuck Berry
6.Worried Life Blues/Chuck Berry
7.Sweet Sixteen/Chuck Berry
8.I Got To Find My Baby/Chuck Berry
9.I Could Cry/Junior Wells
10.Prison Bars All Around Me/Junior Wells
11.I'm Looking For A Woman/Bo Diddley
12.Before You Accuse Me/Bo Diddley
13.Pretty Thing/Bo Diddley
14.I Can Tell/Bo Diddley
15.It's Been Too Long/Memphis Slim
16.Four Walls/Memphis Slim
17.Cold Blooded Woman/Memphis Slim
18.One Man's Mad/Memphis Slim
19.You Don't Love Me/Willie Cobbs
20.Slow Down/Willie Cobbs
21.Don't Let It Happen To You/Minnie Thomas
22.Blues With A Feeling/Lucky Carmichael
23.Fool For You Baby/Grover Pruitt
24.Every Day and Every Night/Magic Sam & Shakey Jake(Unissued)
25.Have You Seen My Mother/Magic Sam & Shakey Jake(Unissued)
26.A Hard Road/Magic Sam & Shakey Jake(Unissued)
27.Leaving This Morning/Magic Sam & Shakey Jake(Unissued)
28.Sweet Home Chicago/Magic Sam & Shakey Jake(Unissued)
型番 Wienerworld WNRCD5121
販売価格 6,930円(税込)