V.A./ パーチマン・プリズン・プレア〜サム・ミシシッピ・サンデイ・モーニング(CD)

【レーベル型番 / INR-31010】
1.Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord/L. Stevenson
2.I Give Myself Away, So You Can Use Me試聴
3.Break Every Chain/M. Kyles
4.Jesus, Every Day Your Name is the Same/Parchman Prison Choir featuring C.S. Deloch
5.Step into the Water/N. Peterson
6.Solve My Need/M. Palmer
7.Falling in Love with Jesus Was the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done/A. Warren
8.You Did Not Leave Me, You Bless Me Still/J. Sherman
9.If I Couldn’t Say One Word, I’ll Just Wave My Hand/Parchman Prison Choir featuring L. Brown
10.I Gotta Run/L. Stevenson
11.Hosanna/L. Brown
12.Locked Down, Mama Prays for Me/Robinson with A. Warren
13.It’s in My Heart/M. Kyles
14.I’m Still Here/D. Thomas
15.Lay My Burden Down/Parchman Prison Choir featuring C.S. Deloch & M. Palmer
型番 ライスレコード INR-31010
販売価格 3,410円(税込)