V.A./ ザ・ラフ・ガイド・トゥ・メンフィス・ブルース(CD)

【レーベル型番 / WNR-5614】
1.Jed Davenport & his Beale Street Jug Band/Save Me Some
2.Sleepy John Estes/The Girl I Love She Got Long Curly Hair
3.Memphis Minnie/North Memphis Blues
4.Minnie Wallace/The Old Folks Started It
5.Robert Wilkins/Falling Down Blues
6.Memphis Jug Band/On The Road Again
7.Hattie Hart/I Let My Daddy Do That
8.Furry Lewis/Kassie Jones Part1
9.Cannon's Jug Stompers/Viola Lee Blues
10.Allen Shaw/I Couldn't Help It
11.Jack Kelly and his South Memphis Jug Band/Cold Iron Bed
12.Tom Dickson/Happy Blues
13.Frank Stokes/How Long Blues
14.Carolina Peanut Boys/You Got Me Rollin'
15.Gus Cannon/Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home
16.Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats/What's The Matter With The Well?
17.Pearl Dickson/Little Rock Blues
18.Beale Street Rounders/Sitting On Top Of The World
19.Noah Lewis/Like I Want To Be
20.Beale Street Sheiks/Mr. Crump Don't Like It
21.Will Shade/Better Leave That Stuff Alone
22.Will Weldon/Hitch Me To Your Buggy, And Drive Me Like A Mule
23.Memphis Sheiks/He's In The Jail House Now
24.Vol Stevens/Baby Got The Rickets
25.Will Batts/Country Woman
26.Charley Nickerson with Jug Band/Going Back To Memphis
型番 ライス・レコード WNR-5614
販売価格 2,750円(税込)