V.A./ ザ・ラフ・ガイド・トゥ・スライド・ギター・ブルース(CD)

【レーベル型番 / WNR-5611】
1.Blind Willie Johnson/Mother’s Children Have A Hard Time
2.Blind Willie McTell/Love Changing Blues
3.Bukka White/The New Frisco Train
4.Fred McMullen/De Kalb Chain Gang
5.Barbecue Bob/Goin’ Up The Country
6.Oscar Woods/Lone Wolf Blues
7.Kokomo Arnold/Feels So Good
8.Ramblin’ Thomas/No Job Blues
9.Curley Weaver/Tippin’ Tom
10.Lemuel Turner/Way Down Yonder Blues
11.Furry Lewis/Judge Harsh Blues
12.Casey Bill Weldon/Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door
13.Rev. Edward W. Clayborn/Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
14.Leadbelly/Packin’ Trunk Blues
15.King Solomon Hill/Whoopee Blues
16.Charley Patton/Magnolia Blues
17.Frank Hutchison/Worried Blues
18.Black Ace/Trifling Woman
19.Bo Weavil Jackson/Poor Boy Blues
20.Bumble Bee Slim/No Woman No Nickel
21.Son House/My Black Mama Part1
22.Blind Joe Reynolds/Outside Woman Blues
23.Bobby Grant/Nappy Head Blues
24.Darby & Tarlton/Heavy Hearted Blues
25.Tampa Red/Moanin’ Heart Blues
型番 ライス・レコード WNR-5611
販売価格 2,750円(税込)