V.A./ THE ROUGH GUIDE to Texas Blues(CD)

【レーベル型番 / World Music Network RGNET1416CD】
1.Henry Thomas/Don't Ease Me In
2.Little Hat Jones/Bye Bye Baby Blues
3.Dallas String Band/Dallas Rag
4.Blind Lemon Jefferson/One Dime Blues
5.T-Bone Walker/Trinity River Blues
6.Blind Willie Johnson/Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
7.Hattie Hudson & Willie Tyson/Black Hand Blues
8.Leadbelly/My Friend Blind Lemon
9.Black Ace/You Gonna Need My Help Some Day
10.Bessie Tucker/Got Cut All To Pieces
11.J. T. "Funny Paper" Smith/Howling Wolf Blues - No1
12.Victoria Spivey/It's Evil Hearted Me
13.Frenchy's String Band/Texas And Pacific Blues
14.Texas Alexander/Bell Cow Blues
15.William McCoy/Mama Blues
16.Andrew Hogg/Kind Hearted Blues
17.Oscar Woods/Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away
18.Jesse "Babyface" Thomas/Down In Texas
19.Texas Bill Day & Billiken Johnson/Elm Street Blues
20.Willie Reed/Going Back To My Baby
21.Coley Jones/The Elder's He's My Man
22.Ramblin' Thomas/Ground Hog Blues
23.Carl Davis & The Dallas Jamboree Jug Band/Dusting The Frets
24.Otis Harris/Waking Blues
25.Gene Campbell/Western Plains Blues
26.Whistlin' Alex Moore/West Texas Woman
型番 World Music Network RGNET1416CD
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