V.A./ ザ・ヴィレッジ・アウト・ウェスト:ザ・ロスト・テープス・オヴ・アラン・オークス(2CD)

【レーベル型番 / FLR-3528】
1.Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb/Beaumont Rag
2.Larry Hanks and Roger Perkins/Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
3.Ron Hughey, Frank Hicks, and Pete Everwine/Westphalia Waltz
4.LaWanda Ultan/Raggedy Pat
5.The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall/8th of January
6.Merritt Herring/Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
7.Doc Watson/The Billboard Song
8.Mississippi Fred McDowell/Write Me a Few of Yo Lines
9.Dr. Humbead’s New Tranquility String Band/Milwaukee Blues
10.Kathy & Carol/Swallow Song
11.Jerry Houck, Larry Hanks, and Tom Ninkovich/Charlie’s Neat and Charlie’s Sweet
12.Jim Ringer, Ron Tinkler, and the Sweets Mill Mountain Boys/Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee
13.Rev. Gary Davis/Gimme That Old Time Religion
14.Gene Bluestein/Talking Union
15.Kilby Snow/All My Friends Gonna Be Strangers
16.The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall/Texas Quickstep
17.Caroline Paton/Long Time a-Growing
18.Jerry Houck/Mardi Gras Dance
19.Don Rollins(aka Abel Fortune)/Lady of Carlisle
20.Mark Spoelstra/White Winged Dove
21.Sandy and Caroline Paton/Sardines and Pork and Beans
22.Dad Crockett and Frank Hicks/Hoop-e-Kack
23.Merritt Herring/Down, Down, Derry Down
24.Larry Hanks and Mark Spoelstra/Walking Down That Railroad Line
25.Ed Trickett/Duna
26.Hank Bradley, Rick Shubb, and Doc Watson/Orange Blossom Special
27.The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall/Fire on the Mountain
28.Sandy and Jeanie Darlington/When the Curfew Blows
29.Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb featuring Doc Watson/Ragtime Annie
30.Allan MacLeod/The Hounds Are Out(The Innocent Hare)
31.The New Lost City Ramblers/Bachelor Blues
32.Roger Renwick/Jimmy Whelan
33.The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall/Paddy, Won’t You Drink Some Cider?
34.Ron Hughey and Frank Hicks/Good Night Waltz
35.Kathy & Carol with Will Scarlett/Searchin’
36.Doc Watson/The Clouds Gwine Roll Away
37.Larry Hanks, Roger Perkins, Kathy Larisch, and Carol McComb/Northfield
38.Rev. Gary Davis/Baby, Let Me Lay It on You
39.Larry Hanks/Talking Fishing Blues
40.Jerry Houck/Sweet Sunny South
41.Mark Spoelstra/Play Run Run
42.Hank Bradley and Sandy Rothman featuring Doc Watson/Cherokee Shuffle
43.Kilby Snow/Bringing Mary Home
44.The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall/The Lost Trapper
45.Mississippi Fred McDowell/Don’t Mistreat Nobody(Cause You Got a Few Dimes)
46.Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb featuring Doc Watson/Billy in the Lowground
47.Merritt Herring/The Curlew’s Song
48.Will Spires/Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell
49.Rev. Gary Davis/Hesitation Blues
50.Sandy and Caroline Paton/I’m a Rover and Seldom Sober
51.Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb/O, Them Golden Slippers
型番 RICE FLR-3528
販売価格 3,850円(税込)