BIG JOE WILLIAMS/ Four Classic Albums(2CD)

【レーベル型番 / Avid Roots AMSC1385】
CD1(Piney Woods Blues/Tough Times)
1.Baby, Please Don't Go
2.Drop Down Mama
3.Mellow Peaches
4.No More Whiskey
5.Tailor Made Babe
6.Big Joe Talking
7.Some Day Baby
8.Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
9.Peach Orchard Mama
11.Shetland Pony Blues
12.Omaha Blues
13.Sloppy Drunk Blues
14.Yo Yo Blues
15.President Roosevelt
16.Forty Four Blues
17.Greystone Blues
18.I Want My Crown
19.Mean Stepfather
20.Brother James
21.Shake Your Boogie
22.Vitamin A Blues
23.She Left Me A Mule To Ride
24.So Glad
CD2(Blues On Highway 49/His Nine String Guitar)
1.Highway 49
2.Poor Beggar
3.Blues Left Texas
4.#13 Highway
5.Down In The Bottoms
6.Overhaul Your Machine
7.That Thing's In Town
8.Walk On, Little Girl
9.Tiajuana Blues
10.45 Blues
11.Arkansas Woman
12.Four Corners Of The World
13.Whistlin' Pines
14.Bluebird Blues
15.She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain
16.Elevate Me Baby
17.Mama Don't Allow Me To Fool Around All Night Long
18.Kings Highway Blues
19.Somebody's Been Foolin' #1
20.T.B. Blues
21.King Biscuit Stomp
22.Delta Blues
型番 Avid Roots AMSC1385
販売価格 1,650円(税込)