LONESOME SUNDOWN/ MOJO MAN : 1956-1963 Excello Singles

【レーベル型番 / SOUL JAM 806180】
1.Leave My Money Alone
2.Lost Without Love
3.My Home Is A Prison
4.Lonesome Whistler
5.I've Got The Blues
6.Don't Say A Word
7.Lonely, Lonely Me
8.I'm A Mojo Man
9.I Stood By
10.Don't Go
11.You Know I Love You
12.No Use To Worry
13.Gonna Stick To You Baby
14.If You See My Baby
15.Learn To Treat Me Better
16.Love Me Now
17.Lonesome Lonely Blues
18.I'm Glad She's Mine
19.My Home Ain't Here
20.I Woke Up Cryin'(Oh, What A Dream)
21.Guardian Angel
22.I Wanta Know Why
23.I'm A Samplin' Man
24.When I Had, I Didn't Need
型番 SOUL JAM 806180
販売価格 1,980円(税込)