【レーベル型番 / JSP77205】
CD 1
1.You Know I Love You/Lonesome Sundown
2.Sweet Thing/Cleveland Crochet
3.Such As Love/Boogie Ramblers
4.What Evil Have I Done/Lightnin Slim
5.This Should Go On Forever/King Karl & Guitar Gable
6.Nothin To Talk About/Clarence Garlow
7.Get It/Guitar Junior
8.I've Been In This Prison/Leroy Washington
9.Crowley Blues/Clarence Locksley
10.Lu Lu Boogie/Nathan Abshire
11.Take It Easy Kate/Good Rockin Bob
12.Mathilda/Cookie & The Cupcakes
13.B-A-B-Y/Tal Miller
14.Lonely Lonely Me/Lonesome Sundown
15.Watch That Crow/Blue Charlie
16.Boogie Bayou Shuffle/Bill Parker Band
17.Lightni Slim Boogie(Alt)/Lightnin Slim
18.Mad Dog/Charles Sheffield
19.Emma Jean/Duke Stevens
20.I Havent Got A Home/Ramblin Hi Harris
21.Strange Letter Blues/Schoolboy Cleve
22.Roll On Old Mule/Tabby Thomas
23.Dirty Woman Blues/Jake Johnson
24.Since Your Love Has Grown Cold/Shelton Dunaway
25.I Don’t Know Why/Boogie Jake
CD 2
1.Pine Grove Blues/Nathan Abshire
2.I'm Glad Shes Mine/Lonesome Sundown
3.I'm Him/Lightnin Slim -
4.Train Came Down The Track(Alt)/Clarence Garlow
5.Cindy Lou/Boogie Ramblers
6.Broken Hearted Rollin Tears/Guitar Junior
7.Midnight Blues/Cleveland Crochet
8.She's Gone/Schoolboy Cleve
9.Stormin And Rainin/Country Jim
10.Women Are Trouble/Leroy Washington
11.Coming Home/Jay Stutes
12.Whistling Blues/Pete McKinley
13.My Home Aint Here/Lonesome Sundown
14.If I Had My Life To Live Over/Vince Monroe
15.One Hour Thirty Minutes Too Long/Charles Sheffield
16.My True Life/Leroy Washington
17.Flim Flam/Lionel Torrence
18.Too Much/Bill Parker Band
19.Don't Say/Tabby Thomas
20.Got You On My Mind/Cookie & The Cupcakes
21.Goin Crazy Baby/Guitar Junior
22.West Texas/Lightnin Slim
23.Ain't No More/Texas Melody Boys
24.Step It Fast/Nathan Abshire
25.Somebody Tell Me/Jake Johnson
CD 3
1.Don't Blame It On Me Mama/Leroy Washington
2.Lonesome Whistler/Lonesome Sundown
3.My Baby Done Gone/Schoolby Cleve
4.Looka Here Boy/Pete McKinley
5.Don't Think I Can Make It/Ivory Lee Jackson
6.I Ain't Got No Money/Clarence Locksley
7.Rocky Mountain Blues/Lightnin Slim
8.Country Woman/Boo Breeding
9.What You Did Last Night/Tal Miller
10.Drunkards Blues/Louis Cormier
11.Clear My Nights Of Misery/Charles Sheffield
12.Hello Stranger/Leroy Washington
13.Sunday Morning/Clarence Garlow
14.Don't Go/Lonesome Sundown
15.I Can't Fly(Date With An Angel)/Boo Breeding
16.Now You Know/Guitar Junior
17.David's Boogie/Pete McKinley
18.Farming Blues/Lightnin Slim
19.Beautiful Beautiful Love/Schoolboy Cleve
20.Cannon Ball Special/Nathan Abshire
21.Until Then/Cookie & The Cupcakes
22.Way In The Middle Of The Night/Nolan Pitts
23.Foggy Blues/Clarence Garlow
24.You Wanna Do Me Wrong/Al Smith
25.Hoodoo Party/Tabby Thomas
CD 4
1.I'm Your Man/Rockin' Sidney
2.Reconcile/T-Bone Singleton
3.I Can't Live Happy/Victor Walker
4.Caffina/Rosie Ledet
5.Think About Me Baby/Louisiana Playboys
6.Early Moanin Blues/Katie Webster
7.Tina Nu/Phil Guy
8.Joe Pete/Al Rapone
9.Got You On My Mind/Fernest Arceneaux
10.No One Will Listen/Carol Fran
11.I Got The Blues For My Baby/Rockin' Sidney
12.Shut It Down/Larry Garner
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