V.A./ Boppin’ By The Bayou Drive-Ins & Baby Dolls

【レーベル型番 / ACE CDCHD1486】
1.Draggin' The Drive-Inns/Cookie Roberts
2.Drive In Movie/Mickey Gilley(Mr Excitement)
3.(You'll Have To)Come And Get It/Fred Carter
4.Mable's Done Gone/Jerry Noble&The Plantation Playboys
5.Rock My Warriors Rock/Joe Jackson
6.Rock Me Mama/Terry Clement&The Tune Tones
7.Let Me Come Your Way/Burl Boykin
8.Earlene/Vic Wilder with the Eddy Darcy Band
9.She's Fine/Frankie Lowery
10.Frankie&Johnny/Zoro & The Zips
11.Cuttin' Cane/Jay Chevalier & The Longshots
12.Won't You Tell Me/Doug Stanford
13.Hey Joli/Terry Clement
14.Sweet Thing/Cleveland Crochet&His Band Of Sugar Bees
15.Trio Boogie/Jay Nanules
16.Won't Somebody Love Me/Terry Clement
17.Charge It/Roy Templin&The Credit Cards
18.Love Can Wait/Johnny Bass
19.Baby I Don't Care/Wiley Jeffers
20.Zynnin'/Unknown Rockabilly Band
21.She's Mine/Frankie Lowery
22.School Day Blues/Johnny & The Jammers
23.She's My Baby Doll/Terry Clement
24.Don't Do It Daddy/Arnold Broussard
25.Prisoner's Song/Tommy Todd
26.No Money Down/Rod Bernard
27.Yeah! Yeah! My Baby/Wayne Farmer&The Teen-Beats
28.Khruschev And The Devil/Jay Chevalier
型番 ACE CDCHD 1486
販売価格 2,160円(税込)