V.A./ Rhythm & Bluesin' By The Bayou - Bop Cat Stomp

【レーベル型番 / ACE CDCHD1547】
新品輸入盤CDです。ルイジアナ産ルーツ・ミュージックの沼先案内人イアン・サドラーが贈るACE名物『By The Bayou』コンピ・シリーズ21作目は『Rhythm ‘N’ Bluesin’』編第7弾! 今回も28曲中11曲が未発表という驚愕の内容。ラフ&タフな怒涛の米国南部黒色音楽沼地にズブズブと沈むべし!
1.Everybody Wants To Know/Lester Robertson
2.I Found My Baby(Tk2)/Unknown
3.Crazy Rock/Cookie & Cupcakes
4.Raise Some San/Jay Nelson & His Jumpers
6.Your Precious Love/Sonny Martin
7.Come On Home/Prince Charles
8.Mary, Mary(Tk2)/Blues Boy Palmer & The Bill Parker Band
9.Come Over Here/Little Miss Peggie & The Bill Parker Band
10.Please Don’t Go/Sticks Herman
11.Never Too Old/Big Walter
12.Be My Baby Doll(Tk3)/Unknown
13.Bop Cat Stomp/King Charles And His Orchestra
14.Augustine/Rockin’ Sidney
15.All Night Long/Thaddus Declouet
16.It Happened So Fast/Clifton Chenier
17.Rocks In My Pillow/Cookie & The Cupcakes
18.Stand By My Side/Big Chenier
19.I Want To Hold You Little Girl/Ashton Savoy
20.I Hear Someone Call My Name/Charles Perrywell & The Fairlanes
21.Crazy Dream/Big Walter
22.Don’t Mess With My Man/Margo White
23.Bye Bye Baby/The Yellow Jackets
24.My Life For Your Love/Blues Boy Palmer
25.Send For Me/Lester Robertson
26.Never No More/Charles Sheffield With Big Sambo & The Swingsters
27.Goodbye Whiskey/Guitar Gable & King Karl
28.Whoa Mule/Leroy James & His Combo
型番 ACE CDCHD 1547
販売価格 2,160円(税込)

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