V.A./ Bayou Blues Blasters: Goldband Blues

【レーベル型番 / ACE CDCHD427】
1.I'm A Country Boy/Ivory Jackson
2.Purty Little Dolly(Doolie)/Clarence Garlow
3.Going Crazy/Guitar Jr.
4.Broke & Hungry/Hop Wilson
5.Make Up My Mind/Little Bob
6.Need Shorter Hours/Ashton Savoy
7.It Ain't Right/Clarence Garlow
8.Just got To(Take A)Ride/Juke Boy Bonner
9.Wanna Do Me Wrong/Al Smith
10.Tin Pan Alley/Jimmy Wilson
11.I Got Fever/Charles Sheffield
12.Life's Journey/Tal Miller
13.Honey Bee/Left Handed Charlie
14.Sunday Morning/Clarence Garlow
15.Trouble In My Home/Jimmy Wilson
16.Oh Ramona/Big Walter Price
17.Highway Back Home/Elton Anderson
18.I'm Going/Cookie & The Cupcakes
19.Please Stand By Me/Carol Fran
20.Too Tired/Elton Anderson
21.Let Me Hold Your Hand/Big Chenier
22.What In The World Are You Gonna Do/Katie Webster
23.Something Working Baby/Rockin' Sidney
24.Pretty Little Red Dress/Marcel Dugas
25.C-Key Blues/Little Latour's Sulphur Playboys
26.Catch That Morning Train/Thaddus Declouet
型番 ACE CDCHD 427
販売価格 2,160円(税込)